New Site, New Blog

We believe that evolution stands on the search for constant innovation, for differentiation and for resilience, side by side with markets, nations and humanity’s changes. 2020 was marked by the several challenges presented, namely to companies. In order to be better professionals and partners, we focus on being up to the unexpected, working as a team – from precision metallurgy, to all the management process around it.

It is in that way, and with great satisfaction, that we share Fernando Ferro & Irmão’s new website, designed to bring new content to your screen. You will be able to read news about several themes, such as the conquer of reference distinctions; or articles about Precision Methallomechanics Industry, highlighted in our blog.

Our vision stands by being the reference company in the sector of precision work in metallurgy, counting with our clients and partners’ trust. Because of that, we also bet on our communication as a link of connection and proximity with them and with our workers.

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